Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet Samantha

AKA 'Sam'.
Samantha is a 6 inch plastic doll which I
affixed red hair to. In the photo she is
putting on her hose. I realize that you
cannot see her black garter straps but they
are there. In a later picture you will see that
it is just black ribbon glued on.
Samantha has always thought that she was
sexy. She thinks she is hot. Hey dont tell her any
differently! Just let her think its so.
Now, Samantha lives in the Penthouse of this
apartment building. She has never really had time
to decorate it. Always working.
Just as well though because
she lost her job & has to move out of this
expensive run-down apartment. What
appeals to her so much about this apartment
building is that she is close to downtown. Close
to Mardi Gras!
She can walk anywhere that she wants to go.
The tenants that lived on the second floor
moved out. Sam has already talked to the
landlord & she will be moving in there soon.
She is going to sell most of her belongings &
buy new stuff. Something more to her liking.
She is gonna go 'Shabby Chic'. Yep - gonna
ditch that old life & get herself a new one!
Meet Samantha.
Samantha should be ashamed of
herself for paying all that
money to live in this dump!
Its a cute apartment though - all
None of the decor match.
Nothing fits in with
her lifestyle anymore. She cant
wait to move - Sam is getting
depressed about the situation.

Its a pity. I hope that everything
turns out okay for her. Lets wait
and see.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Louisana Apartments

I own 2 of these buildings. The other one
I will show you later.
This first building is located 'somewhere
in Louisana'. It's a place that I
have never visited & it exists only in my mind. I
hope that by the time I finish it - that it will look
like an old run-down apartment building. It would
be nice if I were the kind of person that - could own
one of those beautiful settings that I see posted. (But
I am not a perfectionists at what I do).
Such lovely work comes from those artists. But however
I am the person that loves 'Life's mix-ups'!
I love the chips, the rips, the very worn - all of this
which shows an individual personality.
Real life is seldom perfect so why should these little
people have it so good! What I cannot make
I have to buy.
Be a 'peeking tom' & take a sneak peak into those
windows. Double click the pics.

Its a tall building & takes up alot
of space - but then again so does
a large dollhouse!

I am messy - need to find a home
for all of that stuff on top. Eventually
I will get my dear hubby to give me
an attic. Maybe an artist should live there.
The pic below is the top penthouse

Every good home has to start
somewhere. Nothing is wrong
with living in an apartment. Most of
us start there anyway. Besides the
total square footage of this place
is 378 inches! Prime real estate.
Have fun & play with your mini's!