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My Grandaughter Brieby's

dollhouse is in trouble. It's in need of some repairs.
I iniatially gave this dollhouse to my mother but
upon her death - when I received it
back - I then gave it to Brie. This dollhouse
is every bit of 13 years old - but its not
really looking it age. On the next post
I will show you the complete dollhouse
because I might paint it - I am not sure.
However if I do paint it then I want to
show you the before & after photo's.
So for now - here's the inside.

The second floor is wallpapered
in blue cotton cloth. There was
something in that little alcove.
I dont remember what it was!
As you can see the railings at the
top of the stairs vanished into
thin air!! No where to be seen.
The trash patrol took it to the
dump!! The rest of the top floor,
the roof, windows, walls & floor
are in very good shape.

The first floor was hit the hardest
from a storm. Hurrican Brie & her
friends wanted to see if Barbie
could fly thru the front door
window! Do you think she made
it thru??

A top gable is missing!
Ump - it must have fell off
from a bolt of lightening!

Here's another window. It used to be
so pretty! But Ken tried to break into
the house. Dont worry he got arrested!!
He thought there were
jewels inside. Sometimes Ken does not
use his brain.

This is the other side - me thinks
it isnt noticeable. What do you think?

Alas we are the front door. Look Brie
must have needed one of those
posts to swat a fly! I think she missed!

Nope - it doesnt look too good
here! Do you think Barbie got
any scars from flying thru it!
Do you think she got stuck!

The bad thing is - is that Ken
isnt even going to pay his part of
the damages. He left it for the owner
to fix.
Another day, another project.
I do not know if the little house
is going to be the same once I
am finished with it. Its time
to ask Brie what she wants the
little house to become. This is a
project for grandmother & her