Saturday, March 26, 2011


I feel very blessed! My b'day
is 3 months away - but one of my
daughters decided to get my gift
early. She bought me these beautiful
witches boots from ebay. Arent they lovely. They
are so delicate - am afraid to touch them.
You cannot even see an ounce of glue
on them. Too bad that Permelia's fat feet
can't get into them!
Thank you Pep!!
Many hugs & kisses.
by conny

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Little Purse

I want to tell you about the little purse that I
made for Permelia. One night when
I was up late I happened upon this tutorial
by miniscrapper. It was super-easy and
quick! Done in like 2 minutes. However after I
had made 2 of them - I changed the directions
for the strap. Miniscrapper says lastly to
glue on the strap of your choice. She gives
good ideas to use for these straps.
However I found it easier to due the
strap first before you remove the metal
clips. All of my purse straps are made
from the same fabric. I take a length of
fabric glue it together & twist it to form
a strap. Then
open up the clip - glue one side of the
fabric strap inside. Decide how long you
want the strap to be. Cut off any excess
and glue the remainder on the inside. Now
take off the binder clips & add a little more
glue just to make sure. Next refer to her
tutorial for the rest of the directions.
Sorry about changing the strap miss
miniscrapper - but I couldnt help myself!
Thank you miniscrapper for this
wonderful FAST purse!
Here is the link to miniscrapper!
by conny