Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well, I cannot call it 'Kit Bashing'

What do you call it when some of your

furniture breaks? Abuse, breakage or

'bashing' furniture! It was my fault. The

bookcase was not properly stored 13

years ago when it was stowed

away in my attic. Do you see the damage

on the bookcase top? Fortunately for me

I have another one of these red-looking

bookcases. That bookcase is in good shape.

The little dresser cost only $1.00

at the dollar store. So for that price you

can afford to 'bash' it. My intentions were

to just glue the bookcase on top of the dresser.

Then attach the doors that came off of another

item. But when I got to measuring I found out that

the cabinet would be too high & would not fit into the

room. I could have kept the dresser as it was

& just cut down the bookcase but when

I looked at it. It just looked like a dresser

with a bookcase attached. So I decided that

I cannot do that. What I did was cut away

the top 2 drawers & reattach the dresser top.

After looking at it for awhile - I decided that

I didn't want the doors on it. Then I painted it

black. I liked it so well that I forgot about the

damage on the top of the bookcase. But you

know - you can't even see it so I am not going

to worry about it. However - this piece just might

get repainted purple or red! This piece is going into my

witch cottage. I have made great strides in

my dollhouse & I cant wait to show it to you!

by conny