Monday, May 2, 2011

Remember these 2 China Dolls

The lady on the left became Marina. And the lady
on the right for now I will be calling Anna. Mainly
because she dosent sport any hair. So the possibility
of her name changing is a big possibility! As I have
stated earlier her apron cute as it is - is attached to
the dress. The dress is cut crooked. Besides that
she is 7 inches tall. An amazon woman! Earlier I
did forget to tell you that the cutest piece of clothing
that they own were their bonnets.
 See some of her body - maybe you can tell what
she was stuffed with. Perhaps it was dryer lint.
Thats what it looked like when I pulled it out of her body!
Next time I need to stuff
a doll I am going to seriously collect all my dryer
lint! Anyway her old body is gone.
 This is Anna's new skeleton. I have not
shown you all of her parts. Her body parts
were in terrible shape. I couldnt get all of
that glue off of her legs. In fact I couldnt
even get out the pipe cleaners that were inside
of her arms & legs.
 I know you cannot tell - but the pipe cleaners
are just glued to the top of the legs. And her arms
are fixed in the same manner.
I dont know why I even bothered messing with her.
She was alot of trouble. However her length is now
5.5 inches high.
With excess use Anna
could come apart sometime later.
If she does then maybe I can learn how to
make her a wheelchair.
 So - here is Anna now in her present state. She does
look better with cotton wrapped around her. Oh - I
forgot to tell you that her head is also bigger than
Marina's. Her head is bigger than my other dolls as well.
I dont have any ideas of what I want Anna to look
like.  But stay with me & I will show you how I make
Anna's bloomers.
by conny