Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meet Sophillia

She is the younger of the triplets. Permillia on the right
is the oldest of the 3 and the tallest. Clotillia was in the
middle and has passed on leaving 2 daughters. So lets
concentrate on Sophillia. Sophillia is a little fatter than
Permillia. She is still busty. Please forgive the photos
because I just couldnt get them as clear as I wanted to.
Lets talk about Sophillia's skirt. Her skirt is a piece of
the bottom part of a sleeve from a black ruffled shirt.
The shirt was a small size and the sleeves were small.
It is nylon and polyester but it feels very soft to the touch.
Now the shirt had long sleeves and at the bottom was
the ruffle that you see here as her skirt. The rest of
the sleeve all the way to the neck was see-thru black nylon.
The sequins were attached to the shirt and to the bottom
half of the sleeves. As I progress with the photos I will
talk more about her outfit.
 Here are the backs of Sophillia and Permillia. The
ruffle continues all around the skirt. There is even a
black ribbon in her long hair that I cut from the nylon
part of the sleeve. It is a jagged cut. Once tied into a
bow I cut the remainder of the nylon off close to the bow.
 The black skirt has 3 ruffles. I did not sew any of
these ruffles together - what you see as her skirt is the bottom
of the sleeve. It was even hemmed. I made this skirt
using the directions of Anna's half slip. But
instead of using white thread to make the gathers
around the waiste - I used black thread. Truthfully
the skirt took only 5 minutes to stitch up - maybe
not that long.
 When you enlarge this photo - you will be able
to see the collar better. All the collar is - is a long piece
of the nylon (a piece of the sleeve) just hand stitched
down into place. I started stitching it down in the middle
of her shirt - stitched around her head. And then when
I got back to the front all I did was cut off some of
the nylon as it was too long. Then I twirled the the rest
of it anchored it down with a few stitches. Around her
arms near her wrists are some more black nylon
tied into bows. I did this to take the flare out of her
pink sleeves because you could see the cotton underneath
the pink. Putting black bows there takes your eye away from
that.  She does look a little fatter in the arms than Permillia.
However their faces are the same. And the way to tell that
is around both of their eyes. Their hair is a little different
but thats only because Permillia has looked this way since
I lived in Oklahoma. Only her outfit changed to make her
into a witch.
 I am holding up Sophillia's skirt to show you the
underneath. This half-slip is not hemmed. It is a piece of
the nylon sleeve. On this half-slip I just sewed a seam
up the back and gathered the top to make it fit around
her waist. And the top of her half-slip wasnt even turned
under when I gathered it.
 On this photo I have raised up her half-slip to show
you underneath. At this point I will tell you that
the pink leggings and the pink top along with her
pink witch hat are all made from a babys sleeper. And
this babys sleeper had feet in them that I cut off and
discarded. Be sure when you use baby clothes or any
cast off clothes that you wash and dry them first.
Remember this baby fabric stretches.
Look closely - her pants legs are just
legginsgs. You dont even have to hem the bottom or
the top. Just decide how long and wide you need the
legging to be - cut it out - then sew up the back seam.
So quick and simple. After I sewed it - I just pulled
each of the leggings up close to the top of her legs
Do not worry about making them too long. If you do that
then just turn under the top of the leggings to however
far you need it to go.
 See here on this photo - I wanted you to see the
white cotton that is under her shirt.
 Her pink witch hat has black nylon - cut in a long jagged
piece. When I started I made sure to leave a long tail to
act as a ribbon. Then I started on one side and
anchored the nylon down onto the pink hat.
I twisted the nylon as I went along the bottom
of the hat and every so often I anchored it down. Then I would
continue along and anchor it down again. I did this about 3 or 4 times
until I came to the end. Also here I left a tail for a ribbon.
This gave me 2 pieces to tie into a bow. Once I tied it
then I cut off the tails very short to the hat. I still want
to put charms on the witch hats but I havent found
anything suitable yet. Maybe I am not looking hard
enough. I hope that you start looking at baby clothes
and childrens clothes and teens clothing. The patterns
on their clothes have small prints that are just right for the
miniature dolls. You would
be surprised at what you could make.
by conny