Thursday, September 1, 2011

a Kitchenette

Hello everybody! Sorry about my absence. My eyes are
still a little blurry. For some reason these words look very
big to me. I am not sure that they are suppose to look like this.
But thats a good thing because the little words kill my eyes.
Back in July when I was doig my thrifting I came across
2 dollhouses. First I will talk about this one. As you can see
its plastic. Yuk!
I detest that stuff.  But look what this Barbie dollhouse
offered me. Of course I do not want the dollhouse. It
cost only $8.00 but this little kitchenett was a steal for
that price!! It will look good in one of my apatments.
I do have plans of painting it and when I do it will be
with the same colors as I like the shabbiness of it.
 The little pink tiled floor an also be used. Click-click
to see it better. Its still a little dirty because I have not
had the time to clean it yet. But I have started already
demolishing the dollhouse.
 Obviously there are some shelves inside that are missing.
But I can make shelves so thats not a problem.
 And as you can see all the doors open and close properly
with no problems.
 Here's what the outside of the dollhouse looks like.
Back in July I searched the internet for this dollhouse
and I couldnt find it. Apparently it is an old one.
See the little bathroom on the second floor - top left.
 I am also gonna save and use
that as well. I am not sure if you will be able to see
it or not - but the tile on the floor is yellow. Too matchy
matchy for me.  Beside the yellow toilet is a pink
bookcase that I am gonna try to save. The toilet seat is
pink - good thing it wasnt lost.
 The front door even works. 
 What a cute little porch.
 This was suppose to be a little seat. Kind of cold isnt
it. Apparently there were pictures on the wall. Maybe
I can use this also.
 This is a better photo of the tile and the little kitchenette
from the side.
 I dont think that I will be able to use the stairs. Thats
a shame because of the cute storage area underneath.
What I really wanted anyway was the kitchenette.
I hope that you were hitting the thrift stores this
past summer while I was away. 
I do want to tell you that my eyes are not completely healed
so I when I visit your blogs - I might not be able to read any
of it to comment. Just be patient with me.
Many hugs - conny