Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This will work

Yes ladies and Gents - look at those
Barbie dollhouses. Its worth it. This one
is still a little dirty.
I just couldnt wait to see if the kitchenette
would work. However I
forgot to include the nudity clause!
By the way she is 5.5 to
6 inches in height.
 Here is the side view.
 The tabs at the bottom of the kitchenette
were easy to cut off. By using a thin blade there
isnt any damage to it. In this photo the tabs are
already cut off.
 See the tabs to the far right that are sticking out.
Gee - I now see that thing on the back of the kitchenette.
That has to be cut off also.
  I wanted to save the little seat but now I am unsure.
It is attached to the floor. Besides there would be
an awful lot to saw off. So right now I am not quite
sure if I want it or not. I gotta see how I feel about
it in the following weeks. I had to do a lot of damage
with a hammer to get the kitchenette and the other
pieces out that I wanted. The pink kitchen tile popped
out and so did the blue door and the porch railings.
 The entire bathroom is one piece and it slid out.
I didnt have any problems there. This is going to
make one good bathroom. There's a piece over at
the far right of the tub which was probably a sink.
I am hopin that I can create some type of sink to
go on top of the pedestal. The sink surely does
look stuffed in that spot - maybe it wasnt a sink??
I dont know?? Maybe I can saw it off and put
something else there.
Till next time,