Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Bewitching Apartment

The American Miniature magazine titled
Permelia's apartment as
'The Bewitching Apartment'.
I hope you will think it the same.
The pics you are about to see are not
in the magazine but they are close. I dont
think that I am allowed to publish those pics.
I hope you like Permelia's apartment.
This is the only entrance into the
witche's apartment.
 The pumpkin greets you on the stoop!
He bids you a welcome - come on in!
 Another pic of the inside. Here you can see the far
 I dont like the tree on the outside. I do like the skulls
that are on it. I think the tree is too small but I have
plans on how to make a cheap large tree.
 The little furry cat was bought in Germany over
20 years ago. I have carried him around with me
every place that I ever moved - and I have moved
around ALOT. During my travels I have not came
across another one of these cats. I would love to have
a few more of them.
 The apartment is alive with cats all over the place.
Some of them are funky colors but that is what happens
when the witches cast spells that backfire on them!
 In this pic I am hoping that you notice the red wall
that is behind the stove. It is made from thick cardboard
and then painted red on the kitchen side and purple on
the bedroom side. It stands by itself.
You cannot see the purple side but that side has a place
for a bottom shelf. My intention is to add more shelves
above it to hold some of the witches hats.
 The furry cat whose name is Oscar is playing with the
kitchen witch. Its his favorite past-time. The other
2 small kitties are named Tom and Jerry. Tom has his
paw up and he keeps swatting Jerry. But Jerry is not
in the mood to play.
The house keys always hang on the doorknob. The
witches are not scared.
 Soory about the sink. I hope it doesnt
hury your eyes too much when you click
on this pic. Permelia has been cooking all day.
In the oven the muffins are done and the aroma
smells good in the apartment drifting to the outside.
Turtle soup has been cooking on the stove. It will
be finished soon. The bowl on the sink counter
is full of eyeballs. The owner of these eyeballs
all had blue eyes. I am sorry that you cant see
them. Under the stove is a metal tub. It is full
of skulls. The witches grind some of them and use
them in their spices. After they clean some of them
they intend to hang them up clustered above the bed
in the corner. The black cat is named Egyptian.
The gray cat looking at him is named Marilyn Monroe.
The other grey cat with the yellow eyes is named
after the color Ocre. The cute little white butt that you
see that is in the air was a little gift from my
granddaughter Elise. I named her Tequilla.
She's very playful. Tequilla is very, very tiny.
I am really pleased with her. I do intend on
putting some more cats under the stove.
It is warm under there. Eventually I will
make a long cat bed that will fit under
the stove just to house all of these cats.
The red cat is just a wax figurine that Permelia
fell in love. She just had to buy him. He
always sits beside her stove.
 Back in Oklahoma a friend made me 2
rugs. This one is bigger of the 2. She made them
from floss. They are suppose to represent the
braided rugs that you saw in the 1970's. Both of them
are the same color - in pink and red.
 This is a small view of the apartment. I have packed
alot in here and there is still some room where I can
put some more stuff in here.The brick floor is not paper
it is cloth. I decoupaged it to the wood floor. It is a
different color from the outside brick. The floor looks
a little older than the exterrior. You can get a good
view of the muffins in the oven. It is a refrigerator
 This is just another angle. The dishes are above the
sink on that free standing wall.
 Just another pic that I threw in here. I hope you can
see the cherry pie on the top shelf above the ovens. It is made
from a bottle cap.
 Oscar has played so much with the kitchen witch
that one of the doors has closed somewhat. This is
a good pic of Oscar.
 Here is the fireplace wall. I have some pictures already
that have been cross stitched that are going to hang
above this fireplace. The strings hanging from the ceiling
represent some web strings.The red cabinet looks real
sweet in this space. The top shelf holds alot of their
spells. None of it is marked but Permelia knows what
is inside each of them. One of them holds Bone Dust,
another holds Eagle eggs, The pumpkin watches over
all of these jars. The shelves hold bones, scrolls and books.
There are apples in the resin basket bowl. The black crystal
ball is for only special readings. More jars are behind
the doors of the cabinet. The basket beside the fireplace
hodls wood logs.
 A loaf of french bread cools on the stove. Can you
see the eyeballs.
 Yum - Yum turtle soup!
 The door is open for you to see the inside better.
 There is space for a dresser to go here. I dont know
what I will put in that little area.
 Can you see the apartment better. There's a lot packed
in here dont you think.
 Have you seen these types of doily's? Well its not
really a doily. Actually it is a cover for a small milk jug.
The beads weight it down so the flies do not get into
the milk. I could have dyed it black but then you wouldnt
see the beads as good as you do now. So I opted to keep
it white. Permelia has a client coming over later.
 Did you notice the little green turtle by the door.
He wondered in unnoticed and now he is so scared.
He smells the turtles cooking on the stove. Now he
wants to get out before the cats see him. I wish him
Hope you like the little pink cat. Her name is Prissy
and her name just suits her. She used to be a golden color
but Permelia thought she looked better pink. So
Permelia cast her spell,
"with a little wink turn Prissy pink".
And thats how it happened. Prissy never noticed a
thing. She's getting ready to eat but she stopped so
to have her photo taken.
 I found the little blue food dish at the thrift store.
It just fits. It is plastic but I have to live with it as
with the cats. There is a little spider web with a spider
in it on the side of the sink.
The little red trunk is made of leather. It used to hold
a piece of jewelry. I think that it looks good in this
apartment. I am going to use this trunk to hold clothing.
That is once I get them made. The 2 cats in the bedroom
are intrigued with the skeleton. Morris is the large tabby
that is on the bed. He is a show-off. The skeleton is going
to get his head cut off. His head will become a hat stand
for Permelia's hat.
The cat on the floor keeps biting the skeletons legs.
He must be getting hungry?? 
'Hey Friar, if you are hungry go over there where
Prissy is - there's tuna in that bowl!
There is another cat laying down on the black bookcase
in the bedroom. Can you see him. He likes to watch
everything that goes on in the bedroom. His name is
guardian because he guards over all. He may be little
but he has a lions roar. Hmmm sounds like Permelia
needs to stop practicing her magic.
 In this pic the main door is shut. You can see the
windows and one of the beds. Behind the bed on the
windowsill are 2 rusty candles.
 There is a large black spider web on the side window.
Dangling from it is a big black spider.
Pied Piper is just waiting for that spider
to drop down low enough to get him.
 A better view of the main wall that
opens up. A ghost comes in from this window.
Maybe I should put a tall armoire on
this wall.
 A better view of teh spider web and the damgling
spider. One of these days Pied Piper is going to get that spider.
There is another ghost on the other side of the window.
 The table is beside this window. There is a delicate
spider web with a teeny tiny black spider. I have 2 of
these. Can you find the other one?
 Here is the view looking in. See the table and further
back is the red cabinet. I love looking in through
windows. That is why I dont like to cover them up
with curtains.
 This window is beside the bed. You cant see the cat
very well trying to get the black spider. I tried awfully
hard trying to get a good photo of it. Unfortunately this
was the best that we could do. See the little stockings
on the bed. They make look long but they are very small.
I hope you enjoyed the photo's of Permelia's apartment.
Many hugs to you all,