Sunday, October 30, 2011

Samantha's Moving In

Samantha moved out of the Penthouse apartment.
I could never get the apartment to work for her.
It is because of Samantha that I created the story
in the heading "Somewhere in Louisana'.
See - Samantha likes 'Mardi Gras'  Eventually I
hope to fill her apartment with Mardi Gras costumes
and masks!
Sam now resides on the second floor. This is not the
pics that were published in the American Miniature
magaizine. These pics are Samantha's moving in day. The
next posting will show more up to date pics along with
the bed canopy.
I like the tall posts that I bought from Wal-mart.
In its previous life they were cake
decorating pillars made by Wilton. I left them white
for a long time before giving them a few paint colors
of pink and black. I still like these cake pillars. None of
these pillars are in the up to day photo's. This is a very
good view of the entire apartment.
 See when you open the main door these nice pillars
get in the way.So there isnt any doubt in my mind
that they will have to go in a different apartment.
 The right side of the apartment is the kitchen, living
and dining area. This is the last picture that shows
any of the pillars. This apartment has many possibilities
in moving the furniture around. I like that and I change
things around often. The kitchen is in the very back
right area.
 The left side of the apartment is her bedroom. I made
the blankets and the pillors eons ago. But since unpacking
 many boxes, I have since lost one of the bed pillows.
The couch table shows my attempt at making a
mask. It is purple and gold. Since then I have bought
feathers to apply to it. I just havent put them on yet.
 Here is Samantha's apartment without those cake
pillars. It is starting to look a little better now that
they have been removed. On the far right are some
whtie pictures that are suppose to go on the wall.
To this day they have not been hung. The frames were
once a gold color. I think they look better in white.
 The bed, nightstand and the armoire came with Samantha
to this new apartment. They were with her when she lived
in the Penthouse. By the end of this posting you will see
the bed made differently. The creamy wicker chair is made of
resin. I have place a small little pink pillow to cushion
Sam's tush. The cabinet behind the wicker chair used to
have doors on it. I removed both doors. I like the cabinet
in its original state. I have made boxes and placed them
in one side of the cabinet. These are shoe boxes that
hold Barbie's open toed high heels. The high heels are
small enough to be used. I made those shoe boxes
but never got around to decorating them up.
Behind the wicker chair
are some lacy ruffled bed pillows and some hats.
Above the cabinet are 3 pieces of luggage. The bottom
pink one was once just pink plastic and it also belonged
to Barbie. If you notice it is practically the same size as
the other 2. Not much difference in their sizes. But I did glue
a small pink printed cotton to the outside to diminish the pink
plastic. I cannot remember where I bought the other 2
suitcases. I have had them for over 15 years. The small hat
has a ribbon with long tails and some teeny tiny flowers
that are added. Beside the suitcases is a Cameo that I
just adore. I do not know where I got it from. But it is
hollow on the inside. I should hang it but at this moment
I like it as it is. Its just merely propped up on the cabinet
and anchored by the suitcases. The Cameo is made of a
very thin plastic.
 I made this lace dress back in Oklahoma. I gave you
directions on how to make it. The difference in the 2
dresses is the lace you use. If you know anything about
lace you should be able to tell that this creamy dress
was made from a flat lace. Where on the white lace
dress the lace is more flarey. Some day soon, I have intentions
of taking the 2 french doors that you see
behind the nightstand and connecting them together.
I want to make a divider
screen with them. They used to be brown but I painted
some white on them to give them a little bit of dimension.
But still some of the brown remains which is what I
wanted. There are some picture frames in front of the
window by the armoire. One of them was a gauldy gold
color. I remedied that by painting it pink. The frame
was made from lace. I have since discarded the picture
that I placed in it - opting to let it remain empty. So
there are others propped with it painted in
white and pinks. I hope that you are able to zoom in
on this picture. On the wall to the right of the lace
dress is a mirror. If I remember correctly there were
3 of these and I gave one of them away thinking
'what could I do with a 3rd one'. But now I wish that
I had the 3rd one because I would now hinge them
together and make a tri-fold mirror out of it. These
2 mirrors are full-length in size for the dolls.
Anyway, these mirrors were in a music box
that I had bought from
a thrift store back in Oklahoma.
These mirrors looked awful in their gold color. I
thought they were hideous. But white paint brightened
it up.Can you see cupid that is on the mirror. That is
the reason why I kept the mirrors. They are gorgeous
painted white. Incidentally I painted the other one white
 Samantha has just started wearing glasses. Her
day has been so busy. She hasn't
long been inside of the apartment. She is so tired. She
has just been grocery shopping and put the bags on the
pink chairs and started towards her bed when her Pearls
broke. So if you see some white beads near her feet then
rest assured that she has not picked them up yet.  You
can see some of the kitchen the background. In the next
posting there will be pictures of the kitchen.
 To the left of Samantha you can see her countryfied
apron. It is a long one and has since been removed
for a shorter retro style pink apron. But let me tell
you how I came about getting this apron so you will
be on the lookout for them. And I think that they are
still around - just keep your eyes open for them.
Have you seen those pre-printed aprons that all you
do is cut them out of the fabric?? The directions are
also printed on the same fabric on how to put the
apron together. Well on this panel are smaller aprons
that are just right for your little dolls. All you do is
cut them out with scissors and add ribbon for the top
to go around the dolls neck and ribbon around the
waist to tie it closed. I think I have 2 of these but I
cannot remember. So keep a look out for those apron
 The table and chairs used to be white. They were also
in the Penthouse apartment. I like it better pink. As
you can tell I am going for a shabby chic look but not
necessarily the way shabby chic is suppose to look.
I am just doing my own thing. The black couch table
will leave this apartment in favor of the be being
more noticeable. I like the wide wood floor. It is cloth and
with this I do not have to worry about the furniture
sitting unevenly. I have more of this cloth in this color
and also in a white/grey color. I do not mind swapping
the white/grey color flooring with you for something
else - that is if anyone is interested. I cant seem to
make a beachy apartment or house. I think that I own
a yard of this material and you cannot buy it any
 Sam has new living furniture. I like the pink color
and the blue gives a little different color in the room.
The room still needs alot of more stuff. I need a
rug of some kind. Have some ideas in the next posting.
The little sewing basket is made of that white wire.
It needs a little knob on top as well as a cloth lining
on the inside.I need to also make some stuff to go in
there. But this sewing basket will not be staying in
this apartment for very long. On my next apartment
building I will be having a crafter in there and she will
have this sewing basket. The sewing basket looks out
of place in Sam's apartment.
 Here is Sam's new bed. If you compare it to the above
pictures you will see that the mattress is no longer flat.
This is the same pencil post bed just with newer
bed-linens. Dont new bed linens just make your bed
look and feel better. I kept the only existing bed
pillow that matched her set above. This new set
has a bolster at the head of the bed. Can you guess
what the new bed linens are made from?? I cannot
remember if I have told you already. The next posting
will be up to date with her new bed linens and canopy!
If you havent guessed what the bed linens are made
of by then - then you will be surprized to hear what it
Even though some of the pics above are older - I wanted
you to see all of the changes that I had made to get to
the next phase of her apartment.
Mini Thoughts!