Sunday, November 20, 2011

Daisy's Apartment

Last night I tried to post and it just
wasnt happening. Blogger has a mind
all of its own. Fortunately it is letting me
blog now.  Dont you think that it is hard
trying to figure out what picture to start with
first.  I know that I have that problem. Its
always hard for me to decide.
I decided to start with Daisy's dressing table.
The little white stool still needs a comfy pad
for Daisy to set her little tushy on. On the
dressing table  is a little box I made while living
in Oklahoma. It was my version of a little
covered jewelry box that I covered in a sweet
pink cotton and trimmed with lace. The necklace
is just a little strand of beads that is stuffed part
way out of it. The little white plastic box with the
pink lid has a small romantic picture glued on top.
The silver looking object is suppose to represent
perfume in a fancy bottle. It was suppose to
look like expensive stuff. It is just beads glued
together. The doll stand was just a quick fix
to go into the magazine. I fixed this because
the doll head is a head on a stsick. So I stuck it
down into a small wine cork and wrapped the
cork with  a matte ribbon. You might recognize
the wig. It is Daisy's hair before she got a new
hair-do. I was very surprised to see that it just
popped off of her head. I intend making more
wigs to fill up her space.
 This is just a small overview of her apartment
thru a window. I still have not figured out how
this came about.
You can not see everything so individual pics are
coming. I just love the windows.
 Another view thru a window took great. These pics
are few and far inbetween. They are hard to capture.
 Another pic thru a window. The little bit of white that
you see is from glare.I was surprised to see that this
picture took. This pic is taken from the window beside
the bed. I have been debating for a while about hanging
cabinets in the kitchen. The white screen hides Daisy's
dressing table.
 In this pic I removed the dressing screen to show
you a better view of the area. The yellow that you see
is Daisy's wig. A dress hangs on the inside of the
armoire. The white lace dress that I made hangs on
the outside.
 Another pic thru the window beside Daisy's bed
to show the living area side of the apartment.  The
living area gets changed around a lot. In this pic
the 2 chairs are a little far away from the little sofa.
This is a good view of the little eating area.
 I think I have already shown you this pic. Sorry for the repat.
 This pic shows a side angle of the kitchan against the
brick wall. This pic was also taken thru a window.
I have yet to fancy up the kitchen with plates and pots.
 A closer pic of the kitchen
 A view into the breakfast area and the living area.
 A close up of the eating area. I need to make chair
pads among other things. So much to do and little
time to do it in. Oh well those are another project
waiting to get done.
 Looking back in thru the window from by the bed.
This is where the living room chairs moved to the
fireplace and the sofa moeed to by the stove. I can
not decide which looks best.
 Here is the main entry. All the main doors of the
apartments open and close. Because this is make
believe the bathroom and the main entry are thru
that door for all of the apartments. There is the
window beside the bed. Daidy loves dolls. The little
doll I bought from the Hallmark store in Oklahoma.
She is small and was made by Maud Humphrey Bogart.
The actor Humphrey Bogart's mother. I have several
other bigger ones made by her but they are too big
to go into the dollhouse. I keep checking the internet
for more of them. Anyway I have had her every bit of
15 years.  I still need to put photo's in those frames.
This view was taken by the kitchen..There is still room
to put stuff under the red sofa table. Just dont know
what yet.
 A view by the kitchen yields the small living area.
I was checking to see if I liked this arrangement
before putting anything up on the wall.
 A good view of the bedroom area.
 This is Daisy's dressing screen. A pair of white lace
stockings are casually draped over. A satin white bodice
that I made eons ago hang on a little hanger.
 A closer view of the bed. The original mattress that
came with the bed is still here. It is flat and pink.
Instead of tossing it I draped a cotton rectangle doily
over it. The pillows  are pink with little applique's sewed
over it. I did not want to go out on fixing the bed up
because I love the look of the wicker look. It is plain
and simple.
 Ever since I made this dress it has hung of of the
wardrobe door on this hanger. The hanger is one
of 10 that I own. I found them in the scrapbooking
department at one of the craft stores a long time
ago. They were on sale and at a very good price.
I hung on to them this entire time hoping to
use them.
 Here is another little dress that always
hangs from Daisy's bed. Several times I
tried hanging it from the screen but this
particular dress always looks it best
here. It is very soft made from a tin flannel.
Anyway I did not make this dress although
it would probably be easy enough to make.
This dress is an old dress that used to
belong to little cheap dolls I think. I white
shoes are also tiny. I have many pairs of
these. One day I will decorate them up.
 Daisy collects dolls. I have had the doll in the corner
for many years. I do not know who made her. The
2 dolls sitting on the lounger I dont know who made
them either. The little hispanic doll I found at the
thrift store not to long ago. I just had to add her
to Daisy's collection. Daisy collects any size for her dolls.
 This photo shows the end of Daisy's bed.
 Another close up of Daisys dressing table. I forgot
to talk about in an earlier photo about the hat pins.
The hat pins is in gold see it on the right side of
Daisys wig. It is 2 pieces of jewelry that were glued
together. The hat pins are earrings. Whenever I
have a pair that I no longer want I use them here.
They are light glued in with tacky wax.
 Here is a better picture of the little doll and the
hispanic doll.
 As of yet Daisy still hasnt put a cake in that glass
cake container.
 Looking in thru a window at the eating
 A closer pic again.
 A close up of the bakers rack. On the top shelf is the
pincushion that I made from a small ceramic shoe.
 Daisy's curio cabinet is not full yet. It only has
one item on the inside and it is glass. The little
carousel on top is small and just the perfect
size to be a miniature. However it will not fit insdie
of the curio. This carousel is real. The little horses
move around. It is Swarvoski crystal. I bought this
and a Swarvoski crystal violin at the Hallmark Store many
years ago on separate occasions. I do not know if
they still sell them or not. But they are so cute.
 I placed a picture on the wall with tacky wax. I
tell you tacky wax is some good stuff. It doesnt
ever go bad. You can use it over and over again for
years. When I no longer want the picture there all I
do is take it down and wipe the wax off with my
finger. Tacky wax does not tear the wallpaper or
damage anything. A good view of the house screen
is here in this picture.
 The little firescreen I made eons ago. It went into a
different apartment but I like it here. It helps give
Daisys apartment a little bit of whimsey which she lacks.
Many years ago I got tired of seeing those gold looking
or black colored firescreens and wanted something
different. It is made from a piece of good cardboard. I
cut the cardboard out at the top to form the roof
tops. Then I bent the cardboard into the shape that
you see. I painted the back one solid color and then
painted 3 different colors for the houses.
 The little chair looks lonely by itself. Perhaps I
need some little pictures on the wall beside it.
 Looking in thru the eating area window towards
the front door. The little umbrella stand is Reutte
Porcelain. As of yet I do not have any umbrella's to
put in.
 A close up of the screen and the living area.
 I am glad that on some of the pics you
can see the pocketbook rugs. The black
looks so well with the pink.
 You can see that in order to take those
pics thru the window that I had to plaster
the camera right up to the plastic. This
pic shows what it would look like if your were
looking in from outside. Daisy is glad that she
lives up high enough that no one can see in
thru her windows.
 Another look see inside thru the bedroom window.
 A better view of the 2 little dolls. As you can sese in this
pic - the bed is in a different area. This was taken when
I was trying to figure out how I wanted to lay off the
apartment. I am glad that nothing in this apartment
is glued down permanently.
 This pic is when I was arranging the furniture on this
side of the room.
 The rug under the table is a small doily. It has raised
roses on it. Daisy had company over earlier and they
were drinking coffee.
 This photo is taken at a different angle of the apartment.
 The little door under the sink opens up to store
some extra kitchen stuff..
 Here - you caught Daisy trying to tidy up her
kitchen. This is not Daisy's real hair - its another wig.
Soon I will take it off of her head and place it on
another wig stand.
 A view from the bed into the living area. Today was
extra sunny in the apartment.
 A view of the entire right side of the apartment with
the main door open.
 Another view into the bedroom and the dressing
area of Daisys apartment. I was hoping that the
brick on the outside looked somewhat real.
 A glare-y photo taken from the bedroom window again.
 A look in thru the window formt he dressing area with
the dressing screen removed.
 Same window as above just taken at a different
I hope you liked Daisy's apartment..
by conny