Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Elizabeth and her Apartment

Elizabeth's apartment is always changing.
So far out of all of the apartments her's
has changed the most. It's a never ending process
with Elizabeth. I still have to squeeze in a crib!
 I did not know where
to begin with the photo's. Many times I have
tried putting them into some kind of order
but I am unable to win that battle. So I hope
that I do not mix you up too bad....
It all began with this little fella. His name is
Hank. Hank was conceived in Oklahoma
(at least that is where I bought him at).
He is so little with only a blue diaper on. He
has gorgeous blue eyes. Hank and his bassinet
are made of ceramic (I guess). There is so much
amazing detail on the basket. His blue lap cloth
is also molded in.  But he was love at first sight
when I saw him. And it doesnt come to my mind
where I bought him at.
 So this was the beginning of Elizabeth having her
children. She is a single mother and seems to be a
fertile myrtle! She has been in her nightgown & robe for about
15 years. No - she is not an invalid. She only goes out
when she has the need to do so. Dragging along a couple
of babies is kind of taxing on the boxy if there isnt
a man to help. And unfortunately this is Elizabeth's
 The middle apartment belongs to Elizabeth. Her apartment
started out clean like this but it keeps changing. This is
the first time and the lasts time that you will see her
apartment clean. This is the only apartment
in the entire building that sags a little.
From here on out her apartment gets messy.
Well - what do you expect if you have 4 children and
live in this tiny place.
 The twins Allie and Allison are in Kindergarden. Lisa is not
shown because she is with one of her aunts. Hank is
fussy today. The little pink dress was found at the thrift
store just this past summer. I was tickled pink when
I saw it and had to own it. It was in a clear bag a long
with other items and was marked for $2.00. I think
that I got a wonderful deal for it.
 This is a close up of just the top part of the dress.
Everytime I tried to get a good shot - it wouldnt
take. So this is the extent of it. On the coat rack is
also a couple of hangers made eons ago.
 All of the furniture I have had since Oklahoma days.
One of the chairs to the little childs table broke. It is
now a stool but I havent gotten it out of another box
yet. The large dollhouse back in the foreground was
a Hallmark ornament. It is made from plastic.
Eons ago I sand papered the outside of it because
I wanted it to look a little old.
The only thing it lacks on the
inside are people. I think that there is even a
christmas tree on the inside. I know that the
dollhouse is a little big but thats okay. Some
dollhouses are big even for us.  I do not always
stick to scale. I like big things and little things.
It makes it more interesting - at least to me.
 This is a view of the bakers rack. It has never been
used like it should be used. It has always stored
stuff on top of the butcher block. In apartments
there is never enough room to fully use an item
for its intended purpose. Would you agree?
 I didnt realize that I had stuck this photo in. It is
suppose to come later. No doubt you will see this
pic again on the next posting. See the dollhouse
front. It is so cute. In this pic we can see the front
door and a little of the dining area. And also the
cabinet that stores some of childrens belongings.
Pretend that you do not see the dolls.
 In this pic you can finally see Lisa's high-chair. So
far that is the only thing that has remained in the
same spot for a while.
The cake was made a long time ago. It is an eraser
that I painted with craft paints.
 This is the childrens cabinet. Most of this stuff I have
had for many years with the exception of the items on top. 
Inside there is a small baby quilt, a few clothes, and
a couple of wood elephant book-ends.  The cute
little white shoes have a pair of lacy socks tucked
in them. Both pairs of these shoes are for small
 I like the childrens table in front of the window.
Unfortunately it will not be staying there.
 This picture is what the kitchen looks like now minus
a few items. The cake is no longer on the table and
neither is the little apron on the chair. However I did
consider putting a wall behind the refrigerator.This is
temprary. The refrigerator and the sink have changed
places. However the little butcher block hasnt moved.
The red checked potholders are scrapbooking supplies.
They are applied to the butcher block with tacky wax.
I made the white bread box with red trim that is stitting
on top of the corner cabinet. It is made from cardboard.
 Elizabeth's main course meal is potatoes.
 The china in the corner cabinet was once just ordinary
wood plates. They were painted cream with blue back
in my days of Oklahoma.
 This is a current photo of what the apartment looks
like from the dining area window. Sorry about this
photo. This was the best shot that I could get.
 Just peeking in.
 I am really liking this wall. Of course it needs
some shelves. And I am glad that the wall
does not go clear up to the ceiling.
 This pic took much better than the previous one.
The blue & cream cookie jar matches the china in
the corner cabinet.
 This photo is clear. I intend on the wall to be a
removeable wall.
 A close up of the scrapbooking potholders.
 I definitely need to make some under the bed storage
bins. Elizabeths apartment could use the extra
storage anywhere that space is available. Maybe
an under the bed bin is needed for shoes and for some
flat toys.
 Hank is still fussy.
 The little blue bath tub holds all of Allie and Allisons
shoes. It was the only place to store them. Yep I need
some storage here also under the sofa table.
 The little angel is so cute. It is made of metal & is
a broach. The legs move raound. I pinned it up to
this valance just the other day. I have lost my other
candlestick. It has a button for the bottom with 2
beads that have holes in them. Thru the holes is
a candle wick. The candle wick is just a piece of
white covered wire.
 Here are 2 little girls that have came over ready
to play. They are here for a birthday party! The little
girl in pink is a fairy. The other little girl in the white
wedding dress is waving hello to you!
They have come over for Allie & Allison's birthday
party. Today they are 5 years old.
Hope you like Elizabeth's apartment!
Thanks for visiting me!