Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Yep - I admit it. While others tear
up dollhouse kits - I tear up doll clothes!
Case in point is this cute little shirt that I
found in a little bag at my local charity store.
The shirt fits the doll just fine including the sleeves.
However as cute as the little shirt is I had
something else in mind.
 Belinda was very reluctant to do as she was told.
As you can see the sleeves just fit her little legs. All I
did was remove the stitching from the little shirt.
I did not even hem the tops. It was a bonus that
the bottom had lace on them - no hemming needed!
 Belinda likes her new tights and she
is glad that the shirt has no sleeves.
It made her hot!
Start looking at some of those doll clothes
to bash. Your doll could find some cute
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