Sunday, February 5, 2012

I am a Toy Basher too!

Fist I would like to give a BIG WELCOME
to all of my new followers.

The witch's spells went wrong again!
I saw this cute little piece at the charity
store. Disney items are so cute.

I bash clothes so why not toys too!! Are you
a toys basher by any chance.
Beauty and the Beast is such a cute movie.
 I found this cute little toy at the Charity store. It is just
the right size to be a mini. The purple color goes well
with Permelia's apartment but the pink does not.
The little tea cart was too bulky to go into the
apartment. However
it was not the cart that I wanted.
 The top and bottom came apart easily enough.  I was
hoping that this job would not be too bad and it wasnt.
I dont know how old the toy was. All I did was take
some pliers and pull up the little tea set.  Easy enough.
The teapot and teacup look so cute on Permelia's
island. I will show it to you soon.
Many hugs & kisses