Sunday, April 22, 2012

Feather Pillows

I would like to welcome all of my new
followers. Your blogs are pretty awesome!
Madelaine and Alennka - where are
your blogs. I cannot find you!

I would also like to ask you all - are you using the
new layout with the Blogger. It started today with
me and I cannot find too much of anything. Someone
thought - New Year New Blogger.
I am too old to keep up with all the new changes.
To be frank - sometimes the new changes are good
and sometimes they are not. I do not
like a drastic change!

Now to talk about the feather pillows.
When I made Marlene's feather pillows I went
ahead and made me some as well. I figured that
if I were going to suffer thru this pollen season then I just
as well as to the bad deed really good!
Feather pillows are not new for me. I have made them
for many years and suffered thru those flying
feathers but there was always one exception
to this and that is - that they were full-size,
not miniature. Lol's.
However it is wonderful to see those pillows in
miniature so here is the mini bad deed.
My pillows are longer than Marlene's because
her pillows needed to be more from an
older period. Since Somerset House is based
on an 1820 (or before) Home - hers called
for smaller pillows. I hope she likes
those pillows. They turned out so well.
Some of the pics are self explanatory.

 Watch out for flying feathers!

 Double click so that you can see the feathers peeking
thru the top of the seam.
Thank you for visiting me!
Many hugs and kisses to you all