Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daisy's Apartment RE-DO

Hello Everyone!
Seems like it has been forever since
I last blogged. I sure do hope that
this Giveaway ends soon because I
have more things to get rid of!
First I would like to say to all of
the new followers.
Thank you for visiting me and
Also those that have not signed
up for the giveaway - SHOULD DO
And I also wanted to say:
Also I would like to say that I
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I have been so so busy! Please forgive
me for not visiting a lot of your
blogs. So sorry. I have been trying to
organize my sewing room...again!
Also I have been working on the
Van Buren Dollhouse as well as
Re-decorating ALL of the apartments
As I get each apartment neared to completion
I will show them to you.
Daisy's apartment was started first. It
is finished however the apartment just lacks
a few things. Surprise! I did add some curtains!!
I did not want anything that was stuffy to the
apartment. This one bedroom apartment has a light
feel to it and I wanted to keep it that way. After
all only Daisy lives here. And yes I have changed
Daisy again. And no doubt I will change her
several more times until I am satisfied with her.
 I decided to start with the bedroom. I stole the
linen from Permelia's witch apartment. It looked
better here with a quilt instead of in her apartment.
The quilt I sewed together over 15
years ago. Am still surprised that it has not
yellowed any. Her vanity has a chair now instead
of a wicker wire stool. And now there is a
mirror hanging above. I want to decorate the
mirror but I am not quite sure how I want to
approach it.
 These curtains and the matching bedding were made
from my unused dinner napkins. The curtains are
All I did was cut tiny plastic KNITTING NEEDLES
the size of the INSIDE of the window. Most of these
knitting needles that I will now call rods stuck great
without any tacky wax. But I did accidentally cut
the middle one too short so it has tacky wax on the
left side of that rod to hold it up in the window.
Anyway I cut each curtain panel a little longer
than the window from the napkin that had the hem.
I then frayed the edges to give it a fringe and just
draped it over the
curtain rod. So I can pull the curtain panels up or
down by just pulling the fringed valance or the
bottom hem. I also used fray check on the sides of
each panel so they would not fray. You can also
use glue here if you use it sparingly. However if
you do this try to use a thin material and really
fray check will give a better edge than the glue.
Fray check lasts a long time.
I do like how the light outside the windows give
a evening type of feel to the bedroom.
 Here is the curtains from the outside windows.
My pics are hard to take because so much light is
coming thru the windows.
 Here is the entire bedroom.
 The wall behind the bed is only a little higher
than the bed. I still like open-ness in the apartment
so I tried to keep that feel. The closet is not yet
completely stocked.
 This is a better view of Daisy's bed.
 The other side of the bedroom is Daisy's
living area.
 The furniture was just moved aside to show the
 I will not add a curtain here to this side. Here is the
pink dress that I made that poor Daisy can not
 Here is Daisy with her new dress. Sorry that she
is not paying any attention to you! She has her
mind on something else.
Daisy got lonely and thought she
needed a companion. You might remember that
this cute little Bishon puppy was a gift from my
friend Catherine. Daisy named him Ami.
Ami is french for friend. Isn't he so cute!!
 Sweet Daisy has a new kitchen. Remember this
kitchen. It fit so well in this space. She has cabinets
now. And there is still room to put more. Daisy did
not want to tell you but she does not enjoy messing
up her clean kitchen. So mostly she eats out!!
I forgot where I acquired the pink framed mirror at.
The frame is plastic. It fit so good in this spot that
I hate to move it.
I made the little circular dining table from a toilet
paper tube. I did not want
the table top to be too small so I used an orange
juice lid to make it bigger. It will hold a few plates
and silverware on it - that is when I get around to
decorating the table top. I want to make napkins and
maybe re-do those chairs or slipcover them. But I
almost hate to because the red goes well in the
 Here are the curtains behind the table and chairs.
The concept is the same as the bedroom cutains.
The only thing different is I have added lace to both
edges of the panels.These curtains will also slide
up or down on the rod.
 For the kitchen window I wanted to make a
little type of greenhouse. I have contemplated,
but can not make up my mind, if I want to keep
it like this, or pop out that window, and make a
greenhouse on the outside of the window.
However I am not good at building so this little
fantasy might not materialize. It might have
to stay like this. The doggy dish came from
ebay. It is up so a spider or bugs can not crawl
in his food or water.
 This is the outside of the kitchen window.
 This part is my fave!! Out of all of the tubs
I owned, this one looked the best.  I want to put
some plants hanging down from the top of the window.
As of yet I do not know, what style of curtain,
that I will put here. I pulled the kitchen out so
you could see the bathroom better. I wanted you
to see the bottom of the curtain.
This pic shows you the top of the curtain. It is
held in place to the ceiling with just
tacky wax. The canopy is a type of cheese-cloth
bag that I cut the bottom off.  I debated about
putting a door or a curtain. Whichever I do
you will not be able to see in the bathroom
so for now I will just keep thinking about it.
Maybe I will not put one there.
 I keep turning the toilet to the wall
and then back again. Maybe I should
put a curtain here so that no one
 The mirror hangs on the back of the
kitchen with tacky wax. You can buy
tacky wax in the candle department
of A.C.Moore or Michaels craft store.
 This is the top part of the canopy on the
ceiling. That bag drapes so nicely! The
tub and canopy were made for this space.
 Yes, the tub has plastic draped over it.
Instead of bubbles, I just wanted the inside to
look like Daisy was filling the tub up with her
favorite bath salts called Green Apple.
Boy, it smells up the entire apartment with the
aroma of apples!!
I did not want the green stuff to dissolve away,
but I am sure that in a few months it will.
 The little cubby between the sink and the
toilet is so cute. I am going to put a little
there to hold needed supplies. Excuse my
camera reflection in the mirror.
I hope you liked Daisy's newly decorated
Thank you for visiting me.
Please come again!
Many hugs and kisses to you all!