Sunday, November 11, 2012

Daisy with BARBIE HAIR!

Hello Everyone!
Thank you for your lovely comments.
You are just wonderful!
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This week I am showing you
Yep - she has changed again.
I love the way that Daisy has changed.
Her hair is silky-soft!! I was wanting
a new modern look with the hair.
I did not use viscose or any of the
other types of hair.
I love my thrift store here!!
I went there specifically to see what
BARBIE'S they had. Their Barbie's
were so nice and clean! So I bought
one of them and headed for home.
Barbie had so much hair! After scalping
her - I still have enough left to do another
And so I hope you like the results as much
as I do!
This is a close-up.
 I love her new look!
 Maybe I got carried away - but I
put tons of hair on her head!
 Daisy's side profile! She is happy
to show you.
 Isn't this hair lovely!!
And it was already curled.
 Here it is without the hat.
 She needed a purse to match her
dress. Oops! her slip is hanging!
 Daisy's hat!
Try to find a used Barbie that has
pretty hair and hair that is in great
condition! If hair is in great condition
like my Barbie - then just glue it on!
If you encounter a dirty Barbie. Comb
her hair many times. You might want
to wash the hair. After all you do not want
any bugs in your house.
Wash her hair and
put lots of conditioner on it.
Then comb it really nice and see
what it looks like. Wait till it dries. You
could also cut the hair into a style
you want.
If not good, then give it away to
someone and look for a better
Barbie or other fashion doll.
I hope you try this!!
It has been much fun.
Many hugs