Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hello Friends!
Thank you so much for the
sweet comments that you left on
the last posting! I am so pleased that
some of you are willing to try the bed.
Also I would like to say that I do not
know if putting these 2 chests together
will be long enough for a BARBIE bed.
The cute little nitegown was given to me
by my daughter. She is always buying
me things that she likes.
ROSELLA has not sent me her information
so I can not send her the fabrics. I will give her
time until the next giveaway, but if she does not send me
BUNDLE #3 along with more fabrics. So there
is a chance that Bundle #3 could hold many
fabrics sent to someone that I hope could
use it.
Yes, my allergys are still bothering me really
bad. However this set of Lingerie was finished
in the latter part of February. I am so glad that I got this
finished because the allergy season came
3 WEEKS EARLY before Spring came!!
I think everyone is having a problem this
year with the pollen!
I wish that I could go away for the spring
and summer but that is impossible. So I
will keep taking meds and sleeping and
doing some miniatures when I am not
With my allergy's anything that I do takes
me awhile to do.
Okay - THERE ARE 57 PHOTOS for this
posting so this posting might be 2 or 3 pages long.
I do hope that you like what I have
made. All of the items are made by me
WITHOUT ANY PATTERN. The only pattern
used was a basic robe pattern that I have.
Me thinks ME got carried away!
Lingerie comes in all sizes so be sure to look
at the big BRA!! All of these bra's are different
sizes. And no, I am not creating a Lingerie roombox.
I thought that I would try my hand to see what
I could accomplish.
The Robe and nightgown are wearable on a
doll. Maybe some of the bra's could be placed
on a doll, but the smaller bra's would not
fit. The doll would have to ITTY-BITTY tiny!
Forgive me for so many photo's. I could not
decide which ones to post so I decided to post
them all. One or two of them could be blurry but
I hope not.
Also included are 2 dresses and pocketbooks.
I guess you could say that I was on a ROLL!

 And please do not pay attention to MY UGLY
HANGERS!! My fingers find them difficult to make
even though I know they are easy. Lingerie should
have padded hangers but as of yet I have not tried
making any of them. I have to work on making pretty
hangers before padding any of them.

 Back of the thong.

 The robe and nitegown are wearable. The fabric
is a pinky purple color.  Also have given you
side and back views.

This is what the backs look like.
 The robe does have 2 belt loops. Sorry the other
belt loop is under the sleeve.
 Just a simple slip.

 Close up of the folded blouses

 Close up of the slip
 All the straps and bows were made out of the
fabric, including the piping on the bra's and

 I am hoping that you can see that the bra CUPS
are indented with these side views.

 Little boobie cups!

 Another thong goes with this bra.
 A BIG BRA on the left, small one in the middle.
The smallest bra is a longline bra. (something
I made up!) Lol's
 Can you see the bra cups here! The last bra is turned
upside down. Sorry about that.
 I have a grandma doll that might need the big bra
on the left. She would like this color.

 The back of the tiny bra.
 A criss-cross bra.

 Shoes are charms.
 As you can tell my favorite is this big bra!
 Here are a couple of corsets and a full-length
bra with panty in the middle.
 Back of the corsets and bra with panty attached.
 This pic is just to show you the rim of one of the
panty legs for the bra with panty attached.
 Looking inside the bra with panty attached.
 This is tiny - no doll can wear this!
 Back of the bra with panty attached.
 This is a little party dress with
a matching small purse. This little
dress is wearable.
 Back of the Party dress.
 Side view of the party dress.
 Dont you just hate it when you get a
photo out of order. This is the back of
another dress.
 I made a couple more purses. And yes they do

 Purses are big enough to put small items.
When she goes out she will need her makeup, a
small compact mirror along with other things
 Here is the front of the dress. This dress is also
wearable. The party slippers go with either dress.
I hope you enjoyed my pics!
Many hugs and kisses,