Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hello Everyone
Hope all is well.
Thank you for your sweet comments.
You are all beautiful.
I am sure that you all know how to
make a miniature quilt. I am just showing
you with a rotary cutter. A rotary cutter
and a mat makes cutting so much faster
and easier. Just be careful because the
rotary cutter is sharp!!!
Make-do quilts in my opinion is when
everything is slightly off. Maybe the
back is too small and you must improvise.
Perhaps the front is crooked or short on
one end. Its okay - just make the quilt anyway
and live with life's imperfections.
If you want quilts that are perfect then that is great
also. But these little quilts here are not meant to
be put into a quilt show. They are just meant
to be loved by their makers and those artists
around them.
You do not need any directions that I am sure of.
But I wanted to show you how to save on threads
at the sewing machine while sewing patches together
-- just in case you do not know already. For those that
know how, then this little tutorial you will not
need or want. So have fun while making these
small mini MAKE-DO QUILTS!
I made a total of 5 little quilts before I got sick.
This is MINI STRIP #2 of Make-Do Quilts. All
of the little quilts are different. This make-do
quilt is hand stitched. The backing and the
pillows are made from baby clothes. The print
is just the right size for these quilts. Baby clothes
are so much cheaper to get your hands on.
I wanted to show you just how cute they are.
Isn't it so cute! I even made matching pillow and just
stuffed them with polyfil. I will get around to sewing
them shut before too long.
This is the back. Can you see where I hand stitched
thru to the backing.
A rotary cutter and a mat makes it
I used 9 strips a little over 1 inch wide X 6 inches.
The width is entirely up to
you really.  For a dark quilt like this one,
try to use light colored prints so the
colors stand out.
Place 2 sides together and take them to the sewing
machine. Sew them back to back and place on
another strip so as not to waste any thread.
When you have sewed all of the strips together,
then flatten them open with your fingers or in my
case the edge of my desk top.
Close them back up and measure.
Make a pencil mark and mark the rest of the strip.
Cut them on the pencil marks and re-open them.
Now I had a small piece of this burgundy and I decided
to cut it into strips and use it. I laid it out like I wanted
it to look.
Match up or sideways, it does not matter and take
it over to the sewing machine.
Continue to sew until one strip is finished. Replace
it to your table. NOW DO NOT GET CONFUSED
Cut the strip from the sewing machine and place
it back in the row where it belongs. Continue sewing
each row until the entire mini quilt is sewn together.

As you can see I was a little short because I had
intended for these little strips to go to the sides. If
you do not want side strips then  just add more blocks
till you finish the quilt for the size you so desire. 
All of these mini strip quilts have imperfections.
That is what gives them their charm.
Thank you for visiting me!