Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Hello Everyone!
Thank you all for the lovely comments!
Just wanted to show you another
MAKE-DO QUILT using the same
strips. A little bit different version
this time. If you look at the photo's of
all of the quilts you will see they all are
using the same strips. It does not take
many strips.
All of these mini stripped quilt are my
own designs. This mini strip quilt is
truly a MAKE-DO QUILT.
I am going to see how many quilts that I
can make out of those strips! Be sure to
use a Rotary Cutter and a mat!!!
Here are those strips again.
In my quilts - anything goes! I use dust ruffles,
pillow shams, crib sheets and anything else that I can get my
hands on. Nothing goes to waste here at my
home. I have quilted for 39 years. I have given
many quilts away to family and many friends. In
fact I have given away so many that I cannot begin
to even count them any more. I only hoped that the
quilts are loved and well taken care of.
Anyway, these are white apron strings. I cut off
the top!
The apron string gave me 2 strips to put in this
Make-Do Quilt.
This is the front of the mini quilt.
It is very easy to see how I put this mini
quilt together. It does not matter that the
little one inch squares are lopped off.
It adds to the charm.
Anything goes in a MAKE-DO QUILT!!
I have opted to not quilt this one. Must have
one that is different.
It is so much fun to make these little quilts. I hope
you have enjoyed looking at them.
Thank you for visiting me!